Arup - Arup in Ireland LXXV

Created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Arup in Ireland

Delivered as a gift to the staff while they were working from home during the pandemic.

We were commissioned to create a retrospective to mark 75 years of Arup in Ireland. It was important that Arup in Ireland LXXV was physical and tactile rather than digital, as the staff were becoming weary of digital formats and platforms as a result of over a year of remote work. The Arup project team wanted to create a gift that brought the employees together with the firm and one another at a time of physical disconnection.

The gift is bound in a specially designed outer cover with an invisible magnetic seal, covered in concrete-print (as reinforced concrete was Arup founder Ove Arup’s signature material) with black foiling. It opens to a die cut Maltese cross, which contains a duplex introductory card and a stack of five folded sheets. Each duplex card was personalised, addressed to the recipient by our master calligrapher and signed by the CEOs of Arup in Ireland.

Arup 2
Arup 3
Arup 4
Arup 5
Arup 6
Arup 7

Design approach

The design approach was based on the concept of Roman mosaics, a form of ancient interactive narrative storytelling. The colour palette was inspired by Arup in Ireland’s iconic early project Busáras, which features distinctive colourful mosaics. The graphic devices are based on abstract shapes found in featured buildings.


We received overwhelmingly positive feedback to Arup in Ireland LXXV from the Arup in Ireland team and staff, past and present, with recipients describing being transported back to a different time, being proud to be part of the history of the company, and being excited about where Arup in Ireland will go in the future.