George Boole Brand Creation for UCC

Client: University College Cork & The University of Lincoln

Award winning George Boole Identity, Website, Exhibition (physical & digital) which launched simultaneously in Dublin, Cork and Lincoln, UK


In 2014, Vermillion originally created this identity for UCC’s Year of George Boole.

The identity is designed to work as part of the UCC main brand. The identity was designed to be highly flexible and create understanding around George Boole and his multidisciplinary work.

The asterisk provided a way to engage the viewer through word association and these associations were applied across seventy distinct projects relating to Boole including the award winning
(Public Sector Magazine 2015) exhibition below. For example, George Boole had a multifaceted career. The asterisk concept allows UCC to visually denote a wide range of themes. The asterisk allows the viewer to ‘jump’ from theme to theme.

This identity and brand works digitally, across merchandise, advertising campaigns and in education related audiences.


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Vermillion Creative Team

Creative Director: Anne V. Brady